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Every week fun theaterlessons

By 27 augustus 2021augustus 28th, 2021Nieuws

How fantasy becomes reality! Every week a fun and educational introduction to theater. A playful adventure for children who love to dance, sing, perform, listen to stories and have a lot to say for themselves!
While the kids play, daddy and mummy can enjoy a cup of coffee on the terrace or in the lobby of the beautiful Bijlmer Parktheater. Or they can explore the Amsterdam Poort.
Or …….if you are game we can organise theatre lessons for adults for a small surcharge! If this becomes a hit you can perform for each other at the end of the season.
Your child will enjoy a performance and will perform on stage twice. You will receive 2 tickets for each performance. Performance dates: December 18th 2021 and June 17th 2022.

Each Saturday:
10.00-11.00 hour Theater Mix 2+ & 4+ starts 18-9

Location: Bijlmer Parktheater, Anton de Komplein 240, 1102 DR  Amsterdam Zuidoost

Tuition: 30 lessons, 2 x 2 entree tickets

Tuition fee: 2+ or 4+ € 222,-

Tip: Make another person happy and donate a tuition fee 

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